Genetic diversity of Springtails (<i>Collembola Subclass</i>) Based on Cytochrome oxidase Subunit I (COI) Genes in Malang


  • Idris Hermawan State University of Malang
  • Mohamad Amin
  • Suhadi Suhadi



The springtails belongs to the Collembola subclass of the insect class. Springtails is a mesofauna insect that acts as a detritivore and bio-indicator in ecosystem. Genetic diversity is influenced by the total amount of genetic variation present in the genes coding for a species or organism. COI gene is a gene that is useful as a genetic marker for mitochondrial DNA. The genetic diversity of springtails based on mtDNA COI gene sequences is not widely known in Indonesia. Based on this, this study aims to reveal the genetic diversity of springtails in Malang. This research was conducted by 3 locations in Malang (Cangar, Bedengan and Tambakasri). Measurements of the microclimate (humidity and air temperature) and altitude measurements were carried out at springtails sampling site, then carried out the DNA isolation process from the springtails samples obtained, the COI amplification process and sequencing were carried out. After obtaining the sequence data, genetic diversity analysis and polymorphism analysis were carried out. The results of this study were the target genes amplified from all samples of spring tails with DNA fragments along 677-683 bp. The sample of springtails had a genetic identity match with Homidia socia Denis and Homidia cingula Börner based on the BLAST analysis, results of genetic diversity analysis showed that the samples tested had high genetic diversity, composition of nucleotide bases A/T was 60,8%, genetic variation in the form of transition substitution (87 sites) and transversion (55 sites), and the results of polymorphism analysis showed the value of 0,18201 nucleotide diversity, number of segregation was 162 sites and sequences conservation was 0,744.

Author Biography

Idris Hermawan, State University of Malang

Master Student, Departement Of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science