Call for article Vol 7 issue 3 August, 2019


BIOTROPIKA: Journal of Tropical Biology is a peer-reviewed journal that strives to provide scientific information on the research results which focused on biological science in tropical regions including botany, zoology, molecular genetics, biotechnology, biodiversity, microbiology and environmental sciences.

Before submit the article, please make sure that your article is prepared using the journal template. Forthcoming publication schedule which are still open for submission is Vol 7 issue 3 December 2019
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Posted: 2019-09-01

New Manuscript Template 2018


We annouce that since 14 November 2018, the authors must use the new Template (Template 2018).

(Kami beritahukan bahwa tertanggal 14 November 2018 diharapakan para penulis untuk menggunakan Template yang terbaru (Template 2018))

Posted: 2018-11-14